About Ghubash Investment Co. LLC

Who We Are

GHUBASH INVESTMENT CO. LLC is a Prestigious,integrated and versatile Dubai-based holding company with an extensive investment portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships that operate across the Arabian Gulf, the wider Middle East region and the United States of America, Europe and Africa.

(GICL) commenced operations nearly a quarter of a century ago with its first activity commencing in November, 2003.

(GICL) is a diversified investment holding company with operations covering a broad spectrum of activities including financial services, oil and gas, real estate development, telecommunications, trading and services. With a paid up capital of AED 4 billion with interests in real estate, construction, Oil & Gas, Health Sector, Manufacturing, trading & services, finance, GHUBASH INVESTMENT CO. LLC has over the years contributed positively and constructively to the development of the nation. Established in 2003, the Investment has diversified itself to form individual subsidiaries each operating independently and specializing in their field of expertise.

Our subsidiaries are leaders in their areas of expertise. GICL Corporation, a recent entrant into (ANFG) GROUP Holding's umbrella, is one of the largest private trading and industrial services company in Dubai; Midmac Contracting has extensive and consistent track record in construction and engineering; Black Cat Construction is a leading EPIC contractor serving the Oil & Gas Industry; Special Projects Services Company provides business development and representation services to Oil & Gas Companies; Al Yousuf Real Estate Company serves the real estate sector; GHUBASH INVESTMENT CO. LLC provides investment and financial services.

GHUBASH INVESTMENT CO. LLC has also established Joint Venture Companies with renowned International Partners like Siemens - one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics company, Al-SenKrupp - one of world's biggest technology Investments and Emkar - leaders in facilities and engineering services. GHUBASH INVESTMENT CO. LLC is also currently engaged in the development of up-market and high rise real estate properties with foreign loan to companies engaged in profitable investment in the form of debt finance 


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Our Focus

Our major aim is to expand companies and projects using our investment funds, Our focus is on maximizing each business opportunity that is presented to us, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, both in the Middle East and around the world. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our network. As a social enterprise and impact investing company we offer a unique answer to the problem of sustainability. This means that we place capital in businesses and other vehicles that are designed to generate tangible social impact as well as a financial return.



REAL ESTATE SECTOR The expansion of revenues from the oil and gas sector in recent years and a fledgling economy has triggered a huge demand for commercial towers, residential units and hotel rooms. Coinciding with a massive influx of foreign workers due to the hectic pace of infrastructural and development work, the demand for real estate is going through the roof. Improvements in health care and a drastically reduced infant mortality rate have seen the population of Dubai shoot up to a total of 900 000, growing at an astounding rate of 15% per year. Over half of the population in UAE resides in the capital Dubai , but other areas such as Al Wakra and Al Khor have also seen considerable increased habitation.

The economic boom, coinciding with the jump in population has resulted in unprecedented price increases of 25 to 30 per cent for homes and residences. Not surprisingly, the current demand for residential units far outweighs the supply in Dubai. Construction projects are springing up all over the country as construction companies and investors struggle to meet the overwhelming demand for living space.

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR United Arab Emirates has earmarked AED 26 billion for the next five years for new networks of roads, buildings, sewer systems, education and health projects, of which AED 8 billion was for 2005 alone. Dubai 's entire infrastructure is undergoing a massive face lift. Dubai , the country's economic capital, is burgeoning in every direction. High-rise buildings seem to pop up overnight, trying to meet the increasing demand for commercial and residential space. The 2006 Asian games have also necessitated enormous construction activity, with hotels, stadiums, sporting facilities and accommodation re-shaping the city completely. Investment in tourism to the tune of $US 15 billion over ten years is indicative of the massive building frenzy underway in the country.

OIL AND GAS SECTOR. Dubai has proven gas reserves of over 900 trillion standard cubic feet in its huge North Field. In a few decades Dubai has become the foremost exporter of Liquid National Gas (LNG) in the world. The nation's expenditure on energy production over the next decade is slated in excess of QR 87 billion. This huge investment is slated to bolster the country's LNG production to over 70 million tones per annum (mtpa) by 2012. The expansion in the LNG industry started with a strategic partnership with Exxon Mobil, followed by such partnerships with Total, ConocoPhillips and Shell.
Dubai 's leading LNG industries are Ras Gas and Dubai Gas. In addition to LNG production, Dubai is also a world leader in the technology, application and production of gas-to-liquids (GTL), including a $ 1.4 billion expansion of the Oryx GTL project, a joint venture between QP and Sasol-Chevron. Exxon Mobile and Shell also have unprecedented GTL projects underway.

Another key company is Q-Gas, the new LNG transport company whose primary task will be to procure nearly 60 LNG tankers to transport LNG from Ras Laffan to ports across the world in the upcoming years.

Dubai 's petrochemical sector is also booming, with plans for even further expansion into the production of urea, ammonia, and formaldehyde, and a wide variety of petro-chemical offshoots such as; paraffin, benzene, ethylene, fuel additives, and plastics. A more comprehensive list of companies and their recent developments include the following:


Dubai has an estimated 15.2 billion barrels of recoverable crude oil, and is aiming to boost its daily production to 1 million barrels. Existing oil production is in a period of intensive development, with increased yield of forty percent due to a Dubai Petroleum (QP) injection of QR 13 billion. Offshore drilling has also seen a huge increase in investment, with such industry giants as Occidental, Maersk, Anadarko, Japan Drilling Company (JDC) signing deals in the millions of dollars with QP for future development. Existing oil fields in Dukhan and Mesaieed continue to be upgraded and expanded.

TRADING AND SERVICES SECTOR Trading and Services sector in Dubai has grown at a tremendous speed in the past few years, thanks to the booming economy, steep hike in oil prices and multi-billion dollar investments in energy and infrastructure projects. Further, liberalization of economy, privatization, political stability and consistency in government policy have opened up lot of investment opportunities and given confidence to foreign investors thus resulting in imports of goods and services to the tune of more than Qr.15 billion.

Today Dubai is home to all the internationally famous brands, be it Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM etc. in Automobiles or Versace, Bvlgari, Cartier etc. in Perfumes & Cosmetics. From fashion to gifts, cars to international cafes, photographs to mobile phones, the country has somewhere that can meet your needs. Shoppers now have plenty of products and brands to choose from. Besides smaller plazas and shopping complexes, several huge shopping malls have opened up thus giving a wider and greater choice to the people of Dubai. Further product ranges have also expanded in just about all price ranges. Some of the international retailers like Carrefour, Giant Stores, Toys R Us, McDonalds, KFC, Lenotre etc. have been offering their services at competitive prices.

Information Technology is another area where Dubai has made huge strides. With the setting up of Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology ICT,Dubai, the country is on the path of transforming into a progressive knowledge-based society. Now the people of Dubai can enjoy the convenience of paying bills and renewing visas with the click of a mouse.

FINANCE SECTOR Thanks to innovative free-market policies adopted over the last decade, Dubai 's financial sector has taken significant steps towards reaching its full potential. Dubai has decreased its budget deficit, improved its balance of payments and interest rates, and the banking sector has seen unprecedented growth. Further, to meet the needs created by the economic boom and to ensure the country's continued progress, the government has established Dubai Financial Centre (DFC). The DFC aims to bring standards in the region up to international levels, equal to those of financial centres in New York and London.

The UAE Central Bank has played an active role in lending stability to the financial sector in Dubai . Professionals have overseen that ethical principles have gone hand in hand with policy upgrades. This strong sense of integrity has resulted in a stable financial environment.

Dubai was the first country in the world to launch automatic cheque clearance through imaging, and it has developed its own software to improve upon banking efficiency. The country has also implemented a comprehensive inspection program to cover all banks, and there is now legislation to curb money laundering.

Dubai 's tax free environment and high standards of living are attracting investors from all over the world. Led by strong vision and a goal of financial transparency, Dubai is striving to create an ideal climate for investment.

NUTRITION AND HEALTH SECTOR Much has changed in Doha since 1957, when the country had but one hospital and full time doctor. Today, largely due to Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the country now has 1, 200 beds and scores of qualified physicians. With excellent treatment facilities, and medical experts in every part of the health system, Dubai now has an unrivaled health care system in the region.

The HMC annually admits 44, 000 patients. The private health care sector reduces the burden placed upon these three hospitals, as private clinics and health care centers treating expatriates and locals alike, continue to flourish. The range of treatments that Dubai is able to administer is impressive: kidney transplants, cardio-vascular ailments, brain surgery, geriatric care and a burn unit to name a few.

The Preventive Health Department, responsible for contagious disease, immunizations, health education has also come into full fruition, closely monitoring the country's well being. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division of the Hamad Hospital , is a rapid reaction emergency service designed to get assistance out to those who need it as fast as possible through satellite link-up across the entire peninsula.

We take an active, personal and dynamic approach to our business portfolio, and in this sense we enable our extraordinary set of expertise, resources and practices to each business. Collectively our companies generate over 1,500 jobs within the UAE.