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We make a difference & create impact.


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Financial injection for companies growth.


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Welcome to Ghubash Investment Co. LLC. A world Class Of Excellence,

The Ghubash Investment Co. LLC is a private multinational enterprise made up of more than 20 companies and affiliates.

As our organization continues to grow, we aim to attract individuals with drive and vision to build upon and promote business excellence in our community. We are optimistic about Dubai's future and we are confident that Ghubash Investment Co. LLC will play a major role in guiding this evolution.

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Real estates

Ghubash Investment Co. LLC is a leading real estate company in the region. With extensive holdings and real estate projects and services catering to every business and residential properties.

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Transportation investment can improve air quality and energy efficiency � Investments in clean vehicle technology, clean fuel technology, and congestion relief projects.

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Renewable Energy





Global Investments

We coordinate our investment strategy from offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates..

We continue to explore and broaden our search for long-term investment opportunities, while remaining true to the vision of our founder, CEO.

  • Financial Sector
  • Transportation Sector
  • Utilities & Energy Sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Real Estate &
  • Leisure Sector